First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Bhoop Singh Yadav, director of India Speech Therapy Centre, Amer- Jaipur (Rajasthan) - India.

I was an acute stammerer since early days of my childhood. Therefore, I kept on trying to find the causes of stammering and its cure. At the age of 26, I completely cured myself from stammering. After this, I further continued my research on this subject and developed a foolproof technique to cure the problem of stammering.

Although stammering is not a physical disorder, a stammerer has to suffer a lot due to this problem as vocal fluency is the most important aspect of the personality of a person. Knowing the gravity of this problem, I decided to open an institution with an objective to cure the speech disorders. India Speech Therapy Centre was established by me during the year 1979 at Jaipur (India). Since then, I have cured thousands of persons suffering from stammering, misarticulation and other speech disorders.

With my experience of more than 40 years, I observed that the root cause of this problem can be understood only by a person who suffered from stammering and cured himself by his own experience. Hence, its successful treatment can be undertaken only by such a person who very well understands and relates to the weaknesses of a stammerer.

I therefore, conclude that the treatment of stammering cannot be undertaken successfully in any hospital worldwide by any other doctor and not by any medicine or surgery can help to cure it.

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Sh. Bhoop Singh Yadav (Speech Guru)
Dr. Akshay Yadav (MBBS)
Mobile No.: +91-9414062108, +91-9799180108
Mehandi Ka Bass, Amer,
Ph.: 0141-2530108
Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
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